7 Effective Tips to Get Rid Of Fat Arms


How to Get Rid of Fat Arms

1. Keep it clean

Let’s be clear. It is impossible to lose arm fat or any other body fat without eating a healthy, nutritious, and clean diet. This is the most difficult part of the whole process for most people. But you won’t succeed unless your diet changes and you watch how much you eat.


  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Veggies

Try to include lots of vegetables in each meal, add lean protein sources, and end your meal with a healthy whole-grain carbohydrate such as sweet potato or brown rice.


  • Sugar added
  • Carbohydrates refined
  • Trans fats

You’ve seen the packaged foods that have a long list of ingredients. Fruit is a great option for sweet tooth.

2. Strength Training

Fat is a freeloader. Fat sits on your body, taking up space.

Muscle is an all-rounder! It looks better and actually helps you burn calories. It will be easier to lose arm fat if strength training is combined with muscle building exercises.

10 Exercises To Get Rid Of Fat Arms

You will need both a lightweight (5-8 lb) and a heavier (10-12 lb) pair of dumbbells for this arm exercise. However, some moves can be done only with your bodyweight.

For moves that require your hands to be further away from your body, such as the Shoulder T’s or Elevated Bicep Curls, you can use lighter dumbbells.

You can use the heavier weights for Yogi Squat Concentration Curls and Straight Arm Press Backs.

You should aim for between 10-12 repetitions of each move before you can repeat the whole set.

These are 10 simple exercises that you can incorporate into your arm fat training routine.

Tricep Push-Up on the Knees

1) Start in a plank position, with your arms below your shoulders. 2) Move straight back to the knees.

2) Lower your chest to 2 inches below the floor, keeping your elbows close by your sides. Inhale slowly and push back to the starting position.

Shoulder T

1) Start with your feet together, dumbbells at your sides, and palms facing in.

2) Engage your abs and raise dumbbells to shoulder height in front of you. Rotate dumbbells parallel to floor with your arms open.

3) Slowly lower dumbbells to the sides, then return to the front. Repeat.

Tricep Dips

1) Sit down with your knees bent, and your feet flat on the ground. With your fingers facing your hips, place your hands behind you. Move hips towards hover.

2) Straighten your elbow and press down with your triceps.

Side Plank with Arm Extension

1) Place your body in a straight line on the ground, stacking hips, legs, and shoulders. Keep dumbbells hovering above your hips and lift your hips. If necessary, you can adjust this plank by bending at the knee.

2) Lift the dumbbell straight above your shoulder, keeping your abdominals engaged.

Reverse Table Top Plank

1) Sit straight down with your knees bent and your feet directly below your knees. With your fingers pointed towards your body, place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders behind your hips.

2) Lift your hips and torso from the floor, and look up at the ceiling with your neck relaxed. As you grip your plank, keep your hips, knees, and shoulders parallel with the mat.

Elevated Bicep Curl

1) Stand straight and hold dumbbells. Then, extend your arms out at shoulder height. Keep your elbows bent and your palms up.

2) Turn dumbbells towards your shoulders and then release the control.

Dolphin Dive

1) Start by placing your forearms on a flat surface, with your feet spread out.

2) Turn your head forward and reach a plank for your forearms. Be firm and keep your abs tight. For the final push-up, you can reverse the dive and raise your hips to the original position.

Tricep Overhead Extension

1) Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, holding dumbells straight up overhead. Keep your spine straight and tight.

2) Bend your elbows and lower dumbbells below the base of your head. Your elbows should be pointing inwardly and your elbows should be pointing towards your head. Next, extend your arms out long and return to the starting position. This will work your triceps.

Yogi Squat and Concentration Curls

1) Stand with your heels in or toes out, slightly wider than your hips. Lower your seat towards the floor by bending your knees. Continue to lower your hips than your knees and keep your spine vertical. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your feet flat on a hard surface.

2) Place your elbows inside your thigh. Curl towards your chest to work your biceps. As you lower your body back, control.

3. You should be focusing on overall weight loss and not just spot reduction.

Spot-reducing is the most popular misconception regarding weight loss.

Scientists have proven that you cannot spot reduce body fat. This means that you cannot pick one spot on your body to reduce body fat. You can’t pick a spot on your body, i.e. Your arm flab. Get rid of the extra fat. Because fat cells are stored all over your body, it is important to concentrate on total body fat. Genetic predisposition is often what makes your fat cells more concentrated.

4. For those with fat arms, get your cardio in

Cardiovascular exercise has been shown to reduce body fat and calories. Importantly, ensure that your cardio is effective and fat-burning.

An elliptical session of 60 minutes reading a book will not be as productive as 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training. You don’t have to be on an elliptical. Just make sure you are making your time worthwhile.

5. Sleep

While you are well aware of the importance of sleeping, did you know that weight loss and sleep share a significant link? You need to ensure you get enough sleep and work hard to lose fat.

First, when we are tired, we often reach for extra calories through sugary, caffeinated drinks or processed snacks. Have you ever hit a brick wall at work at three o’clock in the afternoon? What can you do? Get a cup of coffee and a candy bar. These are two things that won’t help you lose weight. A tired brain is more likely to be unable to say no to cravings.

6. Increase water

Water is essential for weight loss and arm fat reduction. Water is low in calories and has a high metabolism. It can also help with weight loss. You may find that you are more satisfied with your food and eat less.

7. Create a morning routine

Consistency: It is rare for a conference call or meeting to be called at 6 a.m. so interruptions are unlikely.

Hormones are the hormones that build muscle and help to burn fat in your arms (and in general) peak in the morning. This makes early workouts more effective.

Healthy Eating: Morning exercisers choose to eat a healthier breakfast, and studies have shown that people who start the day with a healthy breakfast eat more well all day.

Better Sleep: Morning exercisers are more likely to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night.

Energy: Exercise in the morning gives you more energy throughout your day. Although you might believe that you will feel tired more, the truth is quite different.