How to Do the Arnold Press Shoulder Exercise

The Arnold press is a great upper-body strength move that targets multiple muscle groups at once. The Arnold press strengthens your upper body and your shoulders. This is a great strength exercise to include in your workouts if you are looking to build strong shoulders and back muscles. This video will show you how to properly perform the Arnold press muscle worked and how to incorporate them into your workouts.

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The Arnold press was actually created originally by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was a Mr. Olympia Champ who later became an actor and governor. Back in his time, he knew a lot about strength training. This great combination move combines shoulder rotation and overhead pressing. This upper body move is a great way to conquer many upper body muscles. This move can be added to your shoulder exercise routine.

How to Do a Dumbbell Arnold Press

It is difficult to select the right weight for the dumbbell Arnold presses. You may need to begin lighter than with an overhead shoulder press because it affects all three of your shoulders.

1) Stand hip-distance apart with dumbbells at shoulder level. Keep arms straight and your palms facing in.

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2) Turn your arms to the sides. Keep your palms facing forward, and lift your shoulders up to create a shoulder press.

3) Reverse to a starting position, elbows tight and palms facing in at shoulder height.

Do a set of 12-15 repetitions.

Arnold Press Muscles – Worked

When doing an Arnold press, all three shoulders are used. This means that the anterior, posterior, and medial deltoids can all be worked together in one move.

This move is the best for efficiency. This move activates your back muscles. It’s also important to keep in mind that this move activates your core when you do a standing dumbbell exercise such as the Arnold pressing. To avoid arching and protect your low back, you need to use the correct Arnold press form. Engage your core muscles by tucking your pelvis under and bring your pelvis forward.

You should be aware that you can perform this move in a seated position if you have low back pain.

You can, for example, sit on a stool or bench that provides back support. Then focus your attention only on your upper body.

Arnold Press vs. Shoulder Press

What’s the difference between an Arnold shoulder press and a dumbbell shoulder presse? Let’s start with the shoulder press. We will then compare the movements.

Because it is important to be able to lift your arms overhead as you get older, the overhead shoulder press is an essential part of most upper body workouts.

As they age, many seniors experience a loss in their ability to move and find it difficult to lift things up onto shelves or place dishes in upper cabinets. These are the skills we want to keep as we age.

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How to Do Dumbbell Shoulder Pressure:

These are the steps for performing the Shoulder Overhead Press.

Begin with your feet about hip distance apart. Start with your feet hip distance apart. Bring your elbows to the side, creating a goal-post position with your arms. The dumbbells should be at the side of your head.

Slowly lift dumbbells until your arms are straight. Slowly return to the starting position using control. You can do as many reps as you like.

Both movements strengthen the shoulder. However, the Arnold press has additional benefits!

The overhead shoulder press works primarily on the top of your shoulder (medial deltid). The Arnold press can also be used to strengthen your rear shoulder (posterior and anterior deltoid), as well as your front shoulder (anterior and posterior deltoid). For stability and strength, it is important to strengthen each head of the shoulder. The anterior deltoids aid in front reaching motions, while the rear ones assist with better posture.

Your back muscles are also involved. You should engage your core muscles at all times. This will prevent your lower back from arching or taking the brunt. If you have a problem with your lower back, you can do this exercise sitting down.

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How to Incorporate an Arnold Press into Your Workouts

For an increase in upper body strength, try the Arnold press. This exercise can be done with dumbbells, so ensure you pick a weight that will cause muscle fatigue after 12-15 repetitions. For amazing arms, check out the Arnold press in our 5 workout moves.