The Best Workout for Flatter Stomach (10 Minutes)


These core-weight moves will flatten your stomach and strengthen your back without you having to change into your workout clothes or get sweaty. This quick ab workout is great for those who are short on time, but still want to see amazing results.

These exercises can be done three times per week. For the best results, mix your cardio with them.

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1. Push-up T

Start in a plank position, with your hands under shoulders. Keep your legs straight and your abdominals tight.

Keep your gaze straight ahead of you by bending elbows and lowering your chest.

To get into a side plank position, press your chest forward. Keep your feet straight and your legs long.

Rotate your right hand to return to the starting position. Then, repeat the exercise by opening your left hand into a side-plank. This is one repetition.

  • Continue to do so until you reach the desired number.
  • Do 10 push-ups total, 5 each side.

2. Mid-Back Extension

Place your face on the mat. To engage the abs, lift them off the mat and slide your shoulders down the back. In a low hover, the head is raised. Your entire body is one line.

As you inhale, extend your chest out from the mat using your core and back muscles. Imagine your head growing from the crown.

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  • Slowly inhale, then slowly return to the mat. Your spine will become longer as you return.
  • Do 10-12 lifts.

3. Plank In Out Out

  • Start in a forearm position, with your abdominals contracted and your body straight.
  • Move your left foot to the left.
  • Move your right foot to the right.
  • Move your left foot towards the center.
  • Place your right foot in the middle.
  • Repeat the process 10 times, first with your left foot and then 10 times with your right foot.

4. Bend Extend Ab Tuk

Place your arms behind you and place your hands on the mat. Keep your knees bent and your hips flat on the mat.

Press your abs tightly and pull your legs in to tighten your abdominal muscles. Your lower abdominals should be feeling tight. Next, push yourself up and pull your knees back to get back to the starting position.

  • Do 10-12 repetitions.

5. Single Arm Reach for Planks

Start in a plank position, with your shoulders above your wrists. Your body should be straight.

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Hold your right arm straight up and raise it while keeping your abs tight. Repeat the process on the opposite side.

  • You can try 10-12 total reaches.

6. Side Plank Lift and Lower

Begin by lying on your right side, with your forearm under your shoulder. Keep your body elevated and your legs straight. Place your left hand on the hip and keep your body straight.

  • Place your hips on the mat, then lift your hips up with your core and obliques.
  • Do 10-12 lifts to the right and then switch to the side.

7. Hip Dips

Start in a forearm plank with your forearms flattened on the mat. Make sure your elbows are directly under your shoulders and that your core is engaged. Your body should be straight from your head to where your feet are.

Your left hip should be lowered towards the ground until it touches the floor. Then, immediately lift your left hip back to center.

Continue on the right side.

Switching back and forth from right to left about 10-12 times is a good idea. Make sure your neck and shoulders don’t get too tight.

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8. Modified Side Plank Crunch

Start by lying on your side, with your right arm down below your right shoulder. Next, place your right leg straight and your left foot on the ground. Your abdominals should be engaged, and your hips must not rise or fall.

Place your left elbow and right knee on top of each other so that they touch just above your hips. Straighten your left arm and leg straight back to the starting position. Continue doing this for as many reps as you like, then switch sides.

  • Do 10-12 crunches on each side. Then switch sides and do the same thing again.