Craigslist Pittsburgh: Money scams to beware


Craigslist scams in pittsburgh never seem to end and people fall for them every day. While scams can vary from one city or the other, many scams are the same regardless of where you live. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the main location for the purpose of this article. This doesn’t mean you won’t see the same scams in Craigslist Pittsburgh as you do elsewhere across the country. However, you might find something new every now and again. Here are five scams that you need to be aware of.

Do not answer the Email

This scam seems to be more common in this area. It works like this. Craigslist Pittsburgh posts an advertisement and requests personal information. You receive an email from Amazon stating that you must verify your Amazon account. It also contains a link that you can click. This happens days, or even weeks later. Don’t do it. It is a scam to steal your personal information.

Another Rental Scam

Another scam in the housing market. Although you should know better than to reply to this ad for housing, they can be difficult to resist. This link details the story of an individual who responded to one such ad only to find out that it was a scam. This meant that the individual lost a lot of money and didn’t have a house after all was said and done.

You are not allowed to purchase a home on this site Craigslist Pittsburgh 

This is yet another example of why you should exercise extreme caution when buying or selling a Craigslist Pittsburgh house. Don’t get discouraged by the housing scams on Craigslist Tulsa. Despite all warnings, people still respond to houses for sale ads. This happens all the time. However, it has been increasing in this area. It means that people are still being conned out of their money.

Are you certain that those Craigslist Pittsburgh tickets are genuine?

You don’t know if the tickets you purchase for a concert or other event are worth it. This is especially true if you are talking about tickets you cannot get elsewhere because they are sold out. This applies even to tickets being sold at a fraction of their actual value. You are likely to spend money on tickets that you might not be able verify. You might not realize that your tickets are worthless until you attempt to access the event.

Tickets: More Issues

Two people were accused of scamming other people out of money by posting ads for tickets to local events. They set up a MoneyGram account and told everyone interested in buying tickets that they needed to wire the money. Because there weren’t any tickets for sale, that would be the last time anyone heard about them. This ad was nothing but a way for the two men to make a quick buck by selling tickets to people who were looking to have a fun night. The scam continued for a while before anyone realized the problem. It wasn’t until many people complained about not receiving their tickets that it was discovered.

Craigslist: How to Use It The Right Way?

You may want to purchase something at one time or another, but not necessarily because you need it. There are many great deals available for second-hand goods. It is important to know where to look. Pittsburgh is a large city. It isn’t always warm enough to hold garage sales throughout the year, as you would expect in the South. Craigslist Fort Wayne is a great place to start a garage sale. You can post your goods and services there. You can also go online to Craigslist Pittsburgh and see what’s for sale. This is the best of both worlds.

Craigslist Pittsburgh: How to Use It?

Craigslist Pittsburgh’s first and most important thing to know is that it is completely free to use. Both sellers and buyers can use it for free. It is a kind of community bulletin board, which brings together residents in the form a virtual marketplace. The site is organized by type of merchandise. You can search for a specific item by going to the appropriate section. CRAIGSLIST COLORADO can sell almost any product or service you could think of. This makes it one the most used places to sell second-hand merchandise online and advertise your services.

Craigslist Pittsburgh is very easy to use. First, create a profile to post a sale. Click on the button to fill out the required information. To submit a post, you will need to have a valid email account. This is a site requirement and you won’t be able to ignore it. This is how you will be notified by the site administrator if they have a question about your post. So make sure you check this page often. After your posting has been approved, you might start to receive queries about the submission. If you are just looking to purchase something, no registration is required. Browse through the listings. You can find the contact information for the seller on each listing if you find something you like. Although you might be able call them, email is preferred. craigslist harrisburg encrypts your personal address so that the other party cannot see it unless they give it to them.

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