How To Make “Math Playground” Fun


Incorporating your Curriculum: Playground Math Games & Activities

Although playgrounds are great for physical activity, it doesn’t mean that kids shouldn’t be able to use their brains as well. Math playground games can be a great way for children to do some academic work while having fun. There are many ways to integrate math activities into your playground, including multiplication tables and number games. If all else fails you can still use existing equipment to create games that reinforce the math concepts that kids have been learning in class.

Math Playground Numbers Games

A game such as the Tot Town Fun Center Number Game Panel is a great way to introduce numbers to young children. You can make a number game for children that teaches them how to distinguish large numbers from small ones. Or you could create an activity in which they have to add up two or three numbers on the wheel. Numbers games help children to learn how to memorize number increments. The number panel is a great introduction to math in the playground trends.

Math Panels

Math panels are math games for kids that teach more advanced concepts. A math panel is a collection of rows and columns that contain spinning numbers. These can be used to teach addition, subtraction and multiplication as well as division. Students can use the rows of numbers to make many different combinations. This allows them to pose math challenges to their friends and help them solve math problems with multiple digits. Advanced indoor playground math can enhance classroom learning and encourage students in teaching each other.

Counting Tools

Simpler math playground games include counting games. These activities, similar to number games, are intended to teach basic math skills that will allow kids to move on to more complex equations. You can slide large beads or pieces of plastic along a bar, and children can count how many they are. It is possible to count the steps leading up to the slide or the rungs of a ladder if a playground equipment does not have a counting game. If you don’t have any other tools, this will allow students to learn counting and eventually lead them to the more difficult math panels.

Making Games

AAA State of Play playground equipment allows you to make your own math games if you don’t already have them. Add the number swings to the number of Xs in the tic-tac–toe board. You can also subtract the number steps from the number poles in the playground. It’s simple to make unique, fun commercial playground math games with the many components you have. You can encourage kids to make their own games and get them interested in math. Playground equipment can be used as a way to teach kids about basic math concepts and counting.

AAA State of Play knows that learning doesn’t stop even when children go outside to play and get their daily exercise. Math games and other activities can help integrate what’s being taught in the classroom into daily life. There are many math panels available that can be used by children of all ages. These range from toddlers who learn to count to those who want to practice addition and subtraction. Our online store makes it easy to order and purchase math panels.

Math Playground Games

This site has a lot of math games and logic puzzles. There are also a number of problem-solving activities.

It was founded by Colleen Kings in 2002. Since then, millions of students have been able to get rid of math stress and gain the confidence and success they need.

We are thrilled to review the site and offer you a resource to help your student navigate Math Playground.

Math Playground was founded in an after-school math club almost 20 years ago. My students enjoyed learning math games and wanted to continue playing at home. Math playground was born. Math playground is now available to all children.

Math Playground Games Summary

Math Playground is designed for teachers and classrooms as well as individual students in grades K-6.

All games are free. However, if you’re a teacher and wish to remove ads from your classroom, you will need to pay either a $14.99/month or $19.99 per monthly charge. You can have access to up to 30 students.

You can find out more about premium accounts here.

  • Each game was created by a teacher credentialed and is based upon common core math standards.
  • They have created Math Playground’s learning games to make it easier for parents, students, and teachers to navigate the material.

Navigating Math Playground at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade levels 

Navigating Maths Playground is made easier by choosing one of the six categories. (math, logic, math arcades, story math, and all other games)

You simply need to click on “Grade 1”, or “Grade 2”, or “Grade 3”, respectively. Click on one of the six categories to be taken to Maths Playground resources related to that grade-level or category.

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