Since 1981, South Central Family Health Center has been providing affordable, high-quality and affordable health care to low-income residents in South Los Angeles. We are a non-profit 501(c), (3) Federally Qualified Health Center that is dedicated to improving the quality and life of the diverse community. We offer south central family health centre health care to the uninsured and underserved. We serve populations at high risk of developing chronic and acute conditions in the south central family healthcare center.

Evelin and Temica felt this was a terrible situation for patients. They decided to create an exercise program and nutrition education to help patients get in shape and manage their medical conditions. They took the initiative to change it by starting nutrition and exercise classes. They started by inviting patients to join them at a local park. SCFHC discovered that they were doing it for patients and approached their grant writer to identify grants. They applied and were granted three (3) grants.

We offer many different classes, including good health pharmacy nutrition education, and we have seen a significant impact on patients’ blood sugars, remarkable changes to their blood pressure, weight loss, and a lot of people who were anxious or depressed came back. South central family health center they also reported feeling more positive and excited about coming in for the classes. It’s completely free. Access is easy and affordable. We are thrilled to be able offer this program. We look forward to expanding it and being able provide more classes.

SCFHC offers children’s exercises classes twice a week to overweight children with a medical condition. They play soccer for one hour, and also do yoga for one hour. Our programs will get you moving, help you lose weight, and control your blood sugars. These classes are not offered twice per week, unfortunately.

Our goal is to introduce it to them at the very least. It makes them feel better, decreases their stress, and the patients and students can talk to one another and share their stories. After class, Evelin and Temica chat to them about their pain and aches. It’s a great place to meet outside of the exam room but also to exercise and become a south-central family health center that is healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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