Spiderman Exercise: Benefits, and How to Perform


The Spiderman Exercise Crawl Has Many Benefits

  • Core Strength: Holding a plank activates your core. You can activate your core activation by moving in a plank-like position.
  • Hip Mobility: The Spiderman Crawl extends your entire leg from the hamstrings to the quads to the calves to the hips.
  • Cardiovascular benefits: The Spiderman Crawl can be 100% weight bearing. You can burn calories and get good cardiovascular exercise by doing the 8-10 Spiderman Crawl rounds.
  • Warm up for intense training: The Spiderman Crawl is a great warm-up for any type of workout. It will increase your heart rate and blood flow for everything from leg workouts to chest and back exercises to an athletic EXOS field training session.

How To Do Spiderman Exercise Crawl?

  • Push-up/plank position.
  • Bend your knee and bring your right how to spell exercise knee towards your right elbow. Keep your left leg straight and extend your left arm outward.
  • Move forward, bringing your left leg to your right elbow. Next, move your right arm forward and extend your right knee.

When is Spiderman Exercise Crawling Appropriate?

Spiderman Exercise Crawls can be done in the morning, as part of a stretching program or pre-workout to prepare for your session.

You should do 3-5 rounds of 8-10 crawls, counting every time your knee touches your elbow. This is one round.

How to Properly Do Spiderman Exercise Push up?


Push-ups are the classic position. Your torso should be straight and your arms extended. You should also make sure your hands are slightly wider than your shoulders. Your feet are dependent on your toes.

2. Execution

You should pull your knees towards your elbows as you lower yourself. Your left knee should be in line with your left elbow. Your right leg should be in line with your right elbow.

Advanced options allow the hand to move from the ground, but it is placed a few inches behind the knee pull.

3. Hold this position for a while

Your chest should touch the ground or your chest should reach the floor. This is the end of the move. Hold this position for a while. Next, breathe out and lift yourself back up to the original position. Continue doing this.

Common Mistakes

Although it is difficult, try to not turn your torso during the move. Throughout the Spiderman Exercise, keep your body parallel to the ground. Focus on keeping your body parallel to the ground by bringing your left elbow towards your left knee and your right elbow toward your right knee.

Your whole body should be straight. Tend your abs tight, and keep them tight all the time.

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