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Texas Health Flower Mound offers a Weight Loss Center

Texas Health Flower Mound Weight Loss Center offers comprehensive programs that include non-surgical, surgical and diagnostic options. These programs are designed to help you live a healthy and happy life.

Texas Health Flower Mound Weight Loss Center offers better bariatric treatment

Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese today. This is a global problem. Contrary to popular belief, obesity isn’t a disease. It doesn’t depend on what people eat or do. It’s a complicated disease.

Texas Health Flower Mound’s weight loss center believes that bariatric surgery not only can provide long-term weight loss but also helps to reduce the complications of chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Some patients can see a 60 percent increase south central family health center in their life expectancy with bariatric surgery.

The majority of weight loss surgery is performed with minimally invasive techniques (also known as laparoscopic surgical). Texas Health Flower Mound uses robotic-assisted technology for some bariatric procedures. Our team can help you with any type of bariatric treatment.

Texas Health Flower Mound’s weight loss center offers comprehensive services that include both diagnostic and surgical procedures. This facility will help you live a full, healthy life. From your first appointment to treatment and recovery, dedicated care providers will be there for you. Our center can accommodate you if you require bariatric surgery.

For more information about Texas Health Flower Mound’s bariatric services, contact us today. We will schedule an appointment to meet you with one of our medical weight-loss specialists.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital  has named Sandi Gill MHA (BSN), RN, NEABC its chief nursing officer (CNO). After serving as Medical City Frisco’s chief nursing officer, Ms. 

Turner stated that while there were many excellent candidates for the position, Sandi’s enthusiasm and strong leadership style, as well as her strategic ideas on how Texas Health Flower Mound could continue to improve, stood out most.

Ms. Gill has a Master of Health Administration degree from University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor of Science Nursing from Ryerson University in Toronto. Prior to her appointment as Chief Nursing Officer at Medical City Frisco Ms. Gill had previously worked as Vice President of Nursing Operations at Medical Center of Plano. Texas Health Flower Mound is not unfamiliar to Ms. Gill, who was the director of critical care and medical surgical services as well as cardiology when opened its doors in 2010.

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