Vastu tips & Benefits for Keeping Bamboo Plant at Home


Over time, bamboo plants have been modified, as they are kept indoors as a houseplant. Today, bamboo plants are available in a variety of sizes and varieties – from small-sized ‘friendship plants’, where bamboo logs are tied together with red ribbons and filled with stones, pebbles, and water in glass vases to larger ones kept with tall height and thick stems and leaves.

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui consider bamboo plants to be a lucky charm. Therefore, you will see many people having bamboo plants in their homes to bring good health, wealth, peace, and prosperity.

Lucky bamboo plays an important role in activating positive energy, so you should know the ideal places to plant plants in your home. cardiology lifestyle It is easy to take care of plants, which can grow easily under dim light, so you can plant lucky bamboo inside your house. Here are some Vastu tips for bamboo tree architectural placement.

  • Feng Shui states that the plant should consist of all the five elements of nature.
  • According to Vastu, the ideal place to place your bamboo plant is the east corner of your house. The southeast direction is favorable for bamboo plants.
  • The southeast direction indicates wealth. In this way, you can activate positive energy associated with wealth creation by keeping the bamboo plant in this direction.
  • Avoid keeping the plant under direct sunlight.
  • Place the plant in a transparent container, so that the roots are visible. In addition, this container must have all five elements – earth, metal, wood, water, and fire.
  • Place the plant in the periphery of the house to attract positive energy.
  • Use the pebble in the container to denote the earth, tie a red stripe to denote the fire, insert a coin to denote the metal, fill it with water and the plant itself represents the wood.
  • Change the water once every 15 days. When watering it, make sure to use as much clean water as possible. Do not submerge the plant completely in water. Just cover the bottom of the plant with enough water to sink the base.
  • Always use filtered water, do not keep the plant in direct sunlight, and do not forget to trim the yellow leaves to invite good Vastu into your life. If you follow all these tips then you will surely be able to bring prosperity and good fortune.

There are some traditional beliefs regarding the arrangement and location of the bamboo plant and it is believed that its practice is more fruitful.

2 stalks- love and marriage

3 stalks- happiness

5 stalks- health

8 stalks- money

9 stalks- fate

Now you are aware of the Vastu tips for keeping bamboo plants, let’s provide you with some of its benefits.

  • The stem of this plant gives an attractive appearance to any style of home decoration.
  • Bamboo helps to keep the environment pure as it is a natural air purifier.
  • This plant is known to bring good luck and good luck to the house.
  • Lucky bamboo plant is trusted to create space energy and safety for homeowners
  • Small bamboo plants available in Vastu Shastra shops look attractive and add to the decoration of the house. They blend in beautifully with your existing furniture.
  • Indoor bamboo plants can keep your children and old parents healthy and fresh in the air.
  • Another significance of bamboo plants is their easy growth habits. With a suitable climate, it grows better with reasonably well-drained fertile soil of any kind and less maintenance.

You can easily order a bamboo tree online from any reputed online nursery. Stay healthy!


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